Seattle, Washington

Saul Pwanson

Software Engineer


Systems architect and prolific programmer, who designs, prototypes, and produces hackable platforms for rapid iteration of products. Efficient data pipelines from embedded to cloud and beyond.

Skills Profile

Fluent (5+ years) in C, Python, Forth, and x86 assembly.
Extensive production work with C++, SQL, Makefile, and TCP/IP.
Prototype work with HTML, CSS, Javascript, bash/zsh.
Interested in learning C#, Go, Erlang, R, Rust, D3, P5, and others.
NOT interested in working with Matlab, Xcode, Java, Perl, PHP, or Windows.

Work Experience

Jawbone Jan 2014–Jan 2017 Firmware Engineer/Systems Architect
Designed and implemented a Forth-like embedded platform for algorithm development and execution on the UP3 fitness tracker. Designed and implemented a hybrid .hdf5/.zip format for a data pipeline.
F5 Networks Nov 2008–May 2013 Software Engineer
Designed and implemented iStats for user-defined network statistics on BIG-IP. Developed several internal tools and libraries to simplify and speed development, including a regex redirector, curses database browser, and C++ asynchronous daemon library.
Applied Research Cooperative Corp. Mar 2008–Oct 2008 Co-founder
Developed a LAMP prototype for video search. Optimized image analysis algorithms using nVidia's CUDA platform.
Variamobile (AOL) Jan 2006–Dec 2007 Principal Software Engineer
Worked on the ibiza Rhapsody portable media player. Designed and implemented version 2 of Variamobile's Screen Definition Language, using XML, XPath, and CSS. Implemented custom CSS parser and applicator using flex/bison. Implemented a robust and error-correcting Media Metadata Database conforming to Microsoft's MTP API. Performed memory analysis and optimizations on the device.
CoCo Communications Feb 2004–Dec 2005 Senior Software Engineer
Protocol Team Lead
Implemented substantial components of early versions of CoCo's proprietary mobile mesh-network protocol. Designed and implemented a debugging tool to organize and visualize data collected on multiple nodes simultaneously.
Wizards of the Coast (Hasbro) Apr 2002–Feb 2004 Senior Software Engineer
Maintained the Magic Online servers and implemented new functionality. Improved scalability and performance on a complex distributed and multi-threaded architecture. Prototyped a new server architecture to simplify scalable development.
Paulgames LLC Oct 2000–Feb 2002 Co-founder
Created a development kit, including a Linux server and Win32 client scriptable with the embeddable programming language Lua, to speed the development of online board games.
Windows CE
Jun 1998–Dec 1999 Program Manager
Software Engineer
Performed system-wide analysis of memory usage for Windows CE. Implemented ISO8601 date/time functionality for advanced set-top box.

Personal Projects

VisiData, a terminal utility for tabular data manipulation

xd crossword corpus, which revealed a plagiarism scandal


Recurse Center (Sp2'17)

B.S. Computer Science '98
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
elected ACM@UIUC chairman '97

References provided upon request.